Sunday, March 20, 2011

Birthday Tie-Dye Adventures

Today we had an early birthday dinner for Craig with my awesome in-laws. The dinner, made by Sheri, was DELICIOUS as usual! Bacon tacos. How incredible does that sound? Bacon brings our family together. No joke.

After dinner we had an intense tie dye party. John and Shari put tons of prep time and effort into it and made sure we had plenty of supplies [I'm talking tons of rubber bands here people]. Craig got three shirts, I got a short sleeved and a long sleeved shirt plus three socks, Sheri had a shirt, shorts and a sweater [which I can't WAIT to see] and I know John at least had a shirt, he was so busy running around making sure nothing exploded that it's hard to say. We all helped dye shirts for kids and grandkids too. SO much dye. ALL over the place. We're all officially pros now. Between putting henna in my hair with no gloves last night and this adventure my hands look like a composed pile. Or at least have the color of one, they don't actually look like a real composed pile...I hope...

Less than halfway through we ran out of dye and the guys had to run out for more. From that point on we rolled our eyes at all the written claims on the boxes. "Makes at least 12 shirts!" Try four.

Ahh it was so much fun. Craig and I are seriously itching to tie-dye everything now. Bruce should probably be worried.

After we had dyed the world and then executed a sufficient clean up we had birthday cookies and cream ice cream PIE. Yum. Seriously, John and Sheri think of all the best things. We ate it to bits. Craig blew out his candles like he's been doing it for 24 years or something.

He's so adorable. And so old. I feel like I'll never catch up.

Fun fun fun fun day full of people I love.

SO excited for our tie-dyed clothes. You should be too! Results coming soon. Eek!

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