Sunday, March 20, 2011

You look like someone I know

Today I was told by a friend I remind him of Kelly Osbourne.
Then another friend told me my style reminds him of Zooey Deschanel.
Needless to say, today was a good day. Haha!

I've been "developing my style" [aka, trying to dress not so lazy] but you wouldn't know, I feel silly taking pictures of myself every day so there will never be any evidence of most of my fashion experiments. Today Craig insisted though. I'm pretty sure he insisted. Maybe I made him take pictures of me. It's a mystery!

My new tights! They're so fancy-dancy, I love them.

I tried to get a good close up on my necklace. My sister made it, glass, hardware, everything. She actually made it for my mom and I stole it when I moved. Someone remind me to take it back to her in April, mmk?

Everyone else in the world seems to have this amazing ability where they can wear belts and look awesome. I do not have that ability. I also don't have a waist. The top of my hipbone and the bottom of my ribs are less than an inch apart. There's no waist to accentuate and I look like a dork when I try to put one under my bust. But I'm still trying! Today was another attempt. I sorta pulled it off by hiding my outline altogether with a long, hanging cardigan. One point for me.

Ten points for Craig for taking good pictures of a not photogenic me.

Last night Craig and I stayed up SUPER late dying our hair. Yes, OUR hair. I put black on the bottom half of mine and red henna on the top layers then he got some of my leftover henna in a big splat on the top of his head! His is hard to notice but it makes me smile, he's so willing to humor me.

Happy happy Sunday.

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