Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Attempt

This was not my first attempt at cutting my own hair. I promise. For many years I've trimmed my own bangs, tried to give myself better layers, and one time I full-blown chopped the whole thing, front and back, off myself and ended up with a glorious mullet that I loved that made me look like a lesbian, only looked good for a week and then grew out slowly and terribly after that. About then I met Craig and he said he liked long hair. Well what I coincidence, I just had long hair the other day! Perfect timing.

I started growing it out with very few, spread out cuts to try to get it looking normal and healthy, all of which threw me into a bad hair phase for a few weeks because I couldn't stand what the hair dresser did. I kept growing it out and it was finally getting long and curly and getting there, getting there UNTIL that fateful time in November when, really, I just needed a trim and some shorter layers. I should have known that's all I needed. If only I had just wanted a trim. But it was too late, I had waited too long and I went insane. I went into a Portland Bishops, demanded justice, and was practically shaved. Over exaggeration. But it was the worse day of my life, and that is not an over exaggeration. I felt ugly for weeks. Then it finally grew out to a good point and I LOVE LOVE LOVED it. But hair keeps growing. And my layers grew and merged. And the time has now come again.

I realized I haven't like a single haircut I've been given in years. And I dread them so much that I wait like 8 months to get one and then I've had bad hair for months then it takes months to grow out my bad haircut. I always get so MAD, nothing makes me feel more bothered than a bad haircut I paid someone for. I think no one understands my hair, especially not a stranger that has one shot at what I'm asking for. I could ask friends or family to try but I fear I'm just not please-able and I'd hat to turn my rage towards them. So I've decided I'd rather, from this day forth, ruin my hair myself and be mad at only myself.

It started as more of a whim, I looked at hair razor-comb things online at work briefly, just to see what the price range was. I found one on amazon for $15 and emailed Craig a link just to show him, last time we checked we kept seeing $50! By the time he had emailed me back he'd already purchased them. It wasn't a whim anymore. There was no going back. They arrived in my mailbox on Monday.

 Here's some before pictures to get you into the zone. This is after I tried to straighten it and make it look good. [Sorry about the bad picture quality in this post, my camera was dying and I was in a hurry]

Unattractive hair, unattractive pictures, unattractive person, you get the picture. That's what I had to start with. An hour and half-ish later, this is what I got.

Success. I don't want my money back. No, this wasn't my first attempt. But it is the first haircut I've liked in a very, very, very long time.


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