Saturday, April 30, 2011

Introducing Harvey Dent, the Beta!

Yesterday while Craig and I were garage saling we stumbled upon a treasure. Craig found a vase with clear, glass marbles in it for fifty cents. He instantly thought "FISH!"

So, being the calm, calculated adults that we are, we rushed to Petsmart and bough a beta. And then got 2 footlongs at subway for free cookie Friday. Because that's how we roll.

This is the first pet Craig and I have gotten together. We were engaged when we got Bruce but he was mine and although Craig did all the driving it didn't feel quite as "married" as buying Harvey today did. It was like "this is it, no going back, we're married and now we have a kid together!" whereas Bruce was just adopted by Craig once we were married. I've never owned a fish before and it is EXCITING. I'm so in love with his already. I feel happy every time I look at him and terrified that I'm going to over feed him or under feed him or kill him by loving him just too darn much. Every five minutes I feel like shouting out "WE HAVE A FISH!" Because I promise you, he's the best fish in the world.

We named him Harvey Dent so that he's fit right in. You should all get the reference or you aren't our friends. I just love our little family. Bruce Wayne the hedgehog, Harvey Dent the beta, my husband with his batman tattoos, and me who they tolerate because sometimes I'm good for laughs.

Isn't that a stunning little fish tank set up? Craig has a good eye for design.

P.s. Today Craig and I went garage saling again which was fun but not as exciting as the part where I let Craig buy a gun, which he loves beyond my understanding. It also means that he now loves me ten times more. That's the secrets, ladies.

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