Saturday, April 16, 2011

What's ON my bag??

I love seeing cute "what's in my bag" blog posts, I've seen some fun ones lately. I don't have many cool and interesting things "in" my bag but I still wanted to take part. So here's a what's on my bag post, so I can show off my awesome purse and cute pins!

First, here's my purse. It's the best purse ever. I use to switch purses every few days but since Craig got this for me for Christmas I've been in love. I haven't stop using it, it is so cute and has just the right amount of space and pockets. I love the pattern and it never gets dirty.

We got this for free on our last trip to the Sea Lion Caves in Florence, Oregon. It's my third favorite place in the world. We went for Christmas and our honeymoon, I love having a reminder on me all the time!

Lady and Monster. Craig bought these for me at Portland Saturday Market last summer. I love the big fuzzy monster, you can't see his face very well, but he's a doll.

This is one of my favorites. My good friend Marlee Nelson gave me this pin to me. As you can see, I like birds but it's purely for artistic purposes. I'm like every other kid in Portland.

I bought these for Craig in Spokane before he moved back to Oregon without me for a few months. Then when I moved, I STOLE them back. Muahaha.

Craig had this from a show for years and then gave it to me because, duh, bird lady. I like pictures of them and purses and shirts and everything except for real birds. The only live birds I dig are like finches and chickadees. Again, I fit right in here.

Bonus! This is the one I keep on my red cardigan. I loves pins so much and I finally have SO many of them that I can keep ones on specific cardigans and jackets and never take them off. It makes me feel wealthy?

That's what's on my bag. Maybe when I have the need to cary around cooler things with me wherever I go besides keys and chapstick I'll do a real what's in my bag post. I'm sure you are just dying for that day.

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