Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

I love this whole blogging experience so far, it really helps me stay focused, inspired and enjoy the happy moments more often. I love looking at my day going, "okay, what's worth sharing?" and realizing I'm so happy and blessed to have an overwhelming amount of exciting things I can document, share and remember. That being said, I've dropped the ball the last couple weeks. I've been missing in action and it's NOT because I didn't have anything worth blogging about, and that's the problem. I have tons of things to share. Now I have to play catch up. Because I've been having a party. And I forgot to invite you.

Let's start with Easter weekend. Craig and I had Good Friday off from work and our natural weekend starts on Sunday. That left us with an awkward hanging Saturday to come into work. Not a fan. So we asked for PTO, took it off, and took an epic road trip. Back to my place. Wink. Well, my parent's place. Less wink.

You're going to have to bear with me. There's was a lot of story for this weekend, and practically no pictures. I had so much fun living the past few days that I forgot to document it all minute by minute. Which I think is okay sometimes. You gotta find a balance between living just to remember and then remembering to just live.

I've missed my family sooo much, I've been dieing to see them. It's only an 8-ish hour drive but it's not one we can make very often. This trip was sorta planned around seeing my sister Crista, she's been in Germany for two years and now they're on their way to Texas and I wanted to see her and her daughter I never met before they left for another 2 years. That alone made my trip home so wonderful, if I had a favorite big sister [coughIdocough] it'd totally be her. She's so much fun and we relate really well and it made me so happy to have her and Craig finally meet. Her four year old daughter Braden grew up SO much in the last two years, it made me feel old! And the little one, Alexis, melted our hearts. I love family so much. I wish we all lived in one huge castle together.

And of course, it was Easter weekend! I love Easter. It took a long time before we had real Easter traditions at my house but ever since they started they really took off and stuck. Now it's jsut my two little brothers and nieces hunting eggs while us adults sit around and eat candy we "hunted down" from a bowl on the counter. I've finally reached my golden years.

I feel like I have to do this in installments, and this is installment one. I got to see my family, talk to my mom for hours, cut my little sister's hair, bring home some treasures, see my other favorite older sister and my nephews, visit close friends, eat delicious food and stop missing my family for a couple days. And I got to be with my sweet husband, who drove me 400 miles there and 400 miles back because he likes driving he's the very best.

Here are a few picture worthy things over the weekend I managed to not let escape:

This is what it looked like 20 minutes away from my parents house. It got worse as we got closer. A winter wonderland wasteland. In April. I love my family to death, but THIS...this is why I moved. It may just seem like it was because I fell in love and got married, but that was just a clever ruse. You'd fake it too if you'd gone through 17 of these 9 month long winters. Just kidding though. But really.

I'll tell you what, I miss chickens. And goats, I miss goats so much! I love them the way most girls love horses. But my sister's peacock, now he's really something worth missing. He was so elegant and fancy! His lady peahen wasn't bad either, but she ignored him mostly, for kicks. Playing hard to get is something I also know how to do well [not].

My little brother in his fancy white gloves and of course Craig in his Easter Sunday best. He's the best part of all my adventures.

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  1. Those are good pictures of me :O how did you do that?


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