Saturday, April 2, 2011

Watch Me!

Today was fantastic. I feel like we started the week in Winter and now we're ending it in Spring!! It was SO nice outside, everything was warm and bright and there were suddenly sweet smelling flowers everywhere! Craig and I walked to as many of our errands as we could.

Errands today included going to the Sprint store [the flash on his Evo "stopped working"], Subway for free cookie Friday [free cookie with every foot-long you buy], and another trip to Target, which I love love love. I looked at tights and leggings for hours and days, all of them reasonably priced and adorable. I was unable to pick just one or two to take home with me so I finally reverted to my natural state and didn't spend money on any of them! I'm so cheap. I did, however, finally purchase a watch. An interesting watch. A lovely watch. A perfect watch? We'll see...

I picked up a little boy's red watch at the Dollar Tree a few weeks ago and I realized/remembered? how much I love having a watch. Especially now that I hate and never use my phone so the only way to tell time is, heaven forbid, with a CLOCK. After my one dollar watch was broken and replaced a couple times we decided I needed a real one that would last. And here it is. I think it might be just right. It's hard to say for sure. It's working between us out so far, but we're just getting to know each other, who knows what will happen next. But there is no turning back now. I threw away the packaging.

I didn't realize how red I really made my hair. Yikes. Craig was hulking like a bear. Morpheus looks shiny and clean with his new Spring wash and wax. Ahhh I love it. I'm soo excited for Spring.

What Friday is complete without a game stop to GameStop during lunch break? Not this one.


  1. i love the way you have your hair up, and the plaid shirt is so cute!

    <3 steffy
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