Monday, April 18, 2011

You ARE my Boba!!

This was a great weekend. We found the most perfect bubble tea. I tried Taro and Craig got a honey green for his still sore =[ throat and we were so in love. They gave us a THOUSAND tapioca bubbles! And taro is sooooooooooooooo my new favorite. I was beyond excited about it. Seee?

Even better is that we went to this new bubble tea place so we could do more than buy bubble tea, we bought all the stuff to make our own bubble tea. Totally cheap. We're totally psyched.

I got some neeeew make up today. I want to do a post about products I use and love. Sometimes I write things because I think people may like to read them but a lot of times I want to put things on my blog so that I can keep organized or inspired, you know? So maybe sometime soon. I do really love my make up system at this point. Oh it is lovely not being an awkward teenager anymore. Wait. I'm still awkward. And I'm still definitely a teen. Hmm.

Craig worked a half day at work today. I spent the time organizing, cleaning, doing dishes and laundry, and of course watching Moulin Rouge for the sixthish time. Craig made fun of me for it. Someone out there must understand me though. This guy does a pretty goof job of it most of the time.

Baaaah. What a cutie.

We ended the weekend with a trip to our favorite sushi place with a couple of our favorite friends, Josh and Charlotte. I so love sushi. And friends. And weekends. And husbands. And pretty new things. And most of all, Moulin Rouge.

Just jokes.

[i think bubble tea makes me look prettier. thank you, drink.] 


  1. sounds like you had a wonderful weekend : )

  2. we should be LO-O-O-VERS-- and that's a fact


    thy wish be done, ewan.


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