Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hawthorne Street [plus Powell's]

Craig and I spent this Monday walking up and down Hawthorne having Portland adventures. We were thrifting, mostly for vintage pieces or what Craig likes to call "Old School." We found a lot of neat things and neat places, purchasing a few beauties and keeping other in mind. We have a big project we're planning. Big. It's become a little bit of a dream of ours. Whether it works out or not I am having such a blast working on it with Craig by my side, just as enthusiastic if not more, looking over pretty little "old school rings" with the eye of a pro. He's such a catch.

 [craig likes bubble tea]

[delicious thai] 

 [the house we want to buy]

I love going to Powell's. LOVE it. We left with some poetry this time, which makes my life. 

We headed back toward home for a dinner at Applebees and then a movie with our friends Josh and Charlotte. We saw Rango. Judge me how you will, the only kid I took to see it was me and I LIKED IT. It was pretty terrifying though.

This is more for my benefit than any of yours.

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