Thursday, July 7, 2011

the fourth of july

craig and i are excellent multitaskers. this holiday weekend we managed to tackle several items on our summer bucket list with ease! and we weren't even trying.

1. we swam in a pool. i thought this was going to take A LOT more effort than it did, we figured we'd be trying to force ourselves to do this all summer and then manage it at the last minute and only with cheating [dipping toes would have counted.] but no! we found the key to our apartment pool [hard part], went down there in the last hour and a half it was open, and got the whole thing to ourselves. craig and his little brothers went crazy in the pool while i compromised in the hot tub. squirt did not get baked. don't worry.

2. go to a barbecue? go to a barbecue! momma and dad put on the best fourth of july barbecue. i had a bratwurst and a hamburger, and that's only as far as meats go. best corn on the cob i've had in years. craig agreed, and he doesn't even like corn. we went to another family barbecue too, briefly. it was craig's aunt and uncles barbecue but after a couple minutes of realizing we knew no one there and we were WAY too full to be at another barbecue, we made our stealthy escape.

3. we didn't go to washington to buy illegal fireworks, but we did manage to procure some. i'll never tell. my lips are sealed. know this, i love, love, LOVE roman candles.

4. due to craig's quick thinking and brilliance we were able to hit up our longboards. they are so much fun in the summer. i have a hard time turning left without leaning back far enough to fall off, but at one point i was so pro and craig was so proud. we may or may not have lit off some smoke bomb fireworks WHILE longboarding, cause we're that extreme. oh and we weren't wearing any helmets, none of us, craig, me, and squirt were all helmet-less. don't tell my mother.

4 out of 16 already? cha-ching! this summer is moving right along. but wait! let's not forget the other awesome things we did this weekend!

1. craig and i got to teach primary again this week, standing in for one of our favorite couple friends. i always feel like we won some sort of prize when we get to do this. every time.

2. craig's little brothers asked if they could spend the night, and we said yes! phew, that was a close one. it was tons of fun. we spent a long time in the pool, then we watched the IT crowd on netflix, then i went to bed at like one in the morning like an old lady [or an exhausted prego lady] while the guys stayed up and played video games till late. what else?

3. we had a fourth meal, late night taco bell feast. it was divine. cameron and chris both got a bunch of beefy melty burritos, craig got a baja chalupa meal, and i got a crispy potato soft taco and a 5 layer burrito. and sauces of all kinds. loved it.

4. craig and i took a nap after our barbecue family feast [we did not barbecue the family, we feasted with the family]. a long, summer afternoon, full belly, ridiculous old person nap. we also learned that while i would do just fine if we owned a twin bed, craig would never be comfortable.

5. i ate two slices of magical tasting, festively colored cake made by catie. it tasted like drugs. the good kind. i had two pieces. two. and i started out full. i told catie not to tell craig i had another piece, but i didn't finish it in time, he noticed. and he laughed at me. the second piece was for squirt. that's my story and i'm sticking to it.

6. we visited craig's grandma and grandpa for a while. she asked me how i got pregnant and i told her when you hold hands with your fingers criss-crossed you get pregnant. she was amused. and grandpa gary asked me if i had registered to vote yet. i should probably get on that.

7. we went to see john and sheri for a while too, which was bomb. john let me have two waters AND use their bathroom. every pregnant girls dream! they even let us park at their house so we could walk to the park to see fireworks without worrying about parking and traffic. aren't they gems?

8. we got to sit with our dear miguel and brittney [who i never see enough] and watched fireworks. they were so pretty and precious, and the fireworks weren't bad either ;] they lasted a long time! i loved it. i love that we got to see fireworks after all when i wasn't sure if we would. and i loved being with craig, and thinking about how NEXT year we'll have a little baby to be with on the fourth of july. can't wait. can. not. wait.

9. guys, i bought and consumed items from an ice cream truck for the very. first. time. i love being married to craig, he lets me be a kid whenever i want to! i didn't actually have ice cream, since i refuse to let squirt be made out of any ice cream, so i had a bubblegum flavored juicy pop thing. craig had a teenaged mutant ninja turtle head with gumballs for eyes. it was sick. in the good way.

10. there were more fireworks of the self-activated kind at miguel's house late into the night. brittney kept giving me the prettiest sparklers to hold. i've never done sparklers before this year! my favorite kind was all metal and looked like fairy dust. there may have been roman candles. i'll never tell. but there were late night grilled hot dogs. yes. sir. ee.

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