Monday, July 25, 2011

rice time

mondays are eat-out days for me and craig. it's our family home evening time together, plus kinda date night rolled into one. squirt enjoys it, and he's part of the family, so it counts. being increasingly pregnant, my life is more and more revolving around good food. foodfoodfoodfoodfood. i want it all the time. this summer we're trying to eat at all new places. today we tried a little place hidden down the road called "rice time." let me break it down for you:

  • free soup while you wait for your food. i LOVE that cheap oriental soup, the kind with water and carrots and like cabbage or something. what is that called?? i want to have a pot in my house at all times. how do they make it so good?
  • free salad bar. oh snap.
  • free candy on your way out.
  • free lemon water. this wouldn't have been too excited except for how it had LEMON in it.
  • awesome teriyaki lunch specials. i got somethingsomethingchicken, it came with rice and a salad. craig got somethingsomethingwe don't remember, with tons of meat and lots of rice. 
  • a giant array of sauces to choose from and use at any moment.
  • super friendly service
  • the food was crazy delicious. i wish i was eating it right this second. you should too. go eat there. now. 

hey, have you met my super cute husband craig? he loves good food too. he finishes what my prego body suddenly decides it doesn't want anymore for me. and somehow he's been LOSING weight. seriously, he's looking soooo fiiiine. and i'm a hippo. what's up with that? not cool.

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