Monday, July 18, 2011

lincoln city

craig and i used our weekend to take a drive to the ocean. we chose lincoln city to visit. for our anniversary next month we're going to visit depot bay and tillamook. now i just need to convince him that we need a trip to newport for some mo's chowder. mmmmmm.

we got up super early so we could go at low tide. low tide is our very favorite, we love finding creatures at the ocean. this was the most creature filled trip we've had yet! we had quite a few discoveries:

1. we found our first ocean fish. it was huge. and also dead, the seagulls were feasting upon its eyes. it still counted though.

2. i found my first live, wild muscle. we always only find their pretty, empty shells, but i found two today that were still housed some living things. they had huge barnacles all over them. barnacles scare me. if you listen they sound like tiny, shrieking birds and they look like they have beaks.

3. i saw/touched my first wild hermit crab. i've never even seen a hermit crab in captivity, they're way shy and i only ever see their shells. i always pick up pretty shells to see if they're empty and they usually have snails in them, but then i picked up a huge one with a big ol' crab inside with big ol' claws! after that we found a bunch more little ones.

4. i held my first star fish ever. all the ones we've ever seen in the wild or aquariums have been firmly attached to something. this time we found a purple one in the sand and i cuddled him a little bit.

5. we found this tiny little crab running around. he was way too tiny to eat, so i let him live. haha.

6. i collected seashells for the first time. we can never find any unoccupied, but this time we hit jackpot. craig was sweet and made sure i left enough for little creatures to live in but still let me take a few home.

i get so giddy at the ocean. craig is always such a trooper when he takes me, he drives the whole way even though he knows i'm going to fall asleep both ways no matter how much i promise i won't. and he still loves taking me. i'm the worse travel companion. i blame squirt. he makes me sleepy. man, what am i going to do when i don't have pregnancy to blame for everything?

after all of our adventures we were staaaaarving. STAAAAARVING. so naturally we hit up the casino. isn't that every under-aged, pregnant, mormon couple's response? i think it's so funny that craig has never been to a casino until now and that i've gone to casinos a bunch of times! it's pretty backwards, since he's been old enough to actually enjoy the sins of a casino for years. but that's not why i go. years ago my parents discovered how amazing casino buffets are and i'm pretty sure we went to one for my birthday dinner four years in a row. for a lunch buffet it was ten dollars for each of us and it was such a steal. the only thing that i missed about dinner time buffets was the steak. but they had crab legs. all you can eat crab legs. oh. man. craig left with that notoriously painful i-just-ate-at-a-buffet feeling in his tummy. i wasn't even full. i stopped eating because i was keeping him waiting for hours and he was on the verge of a dangerous road nap. i didn't really eat for HOURS more than he did. it was just close.

you better believe we had the longest nap of the summer when we got home. it was glorious.

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