Saturday, July 16, 2011

onesie, twosie, threesie

craig's hottie sister catie went a little auntie crazy recently and it was kind of the most fabulous. i wanted to hug her to bits. as you can see, she has excellent taste in baby clothes and already knows what squirt likes best.

 that elephant just kills me. as does the collar. i wish he would just get here so he could try this on.

because a batman onesie is obviously a must. isn't she brilliant?

and a dress and tights for future little girls [ah!!] or just in case squirt decides he really wants to be a girl. it could happen. but even if he is a girl he's still wearing the batman onesie, and those are the rules.

oh, and one time in walmart craig and i decided we couldn't leave without it. squirt already has a favorite super hero. you should see his first pillowcase, it's all batmaned up and already on a pillow waiting for him. you can tell we have our baby necessities all lined up. best parents ever.

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