Friday, July 1, 2011

summer bucket list

1. go to a concert
2. go to seattle
3. go to the coast at least two more times [one of those trips HAS to include tillimook cheese factory!]
4. swim in a pool
5. drink lemonade from a mason jar
6. stay out all night
7. go to a barbeque
8. go see a movie
9. try someplace new every time we eat out
10. have a picnic
11. buy fireworks from washinton [cause those are REAL fireworks, son!]
12. go camping
13. attend a play
14. record a song together
15. get burgerville onion rings [so expensive. so worth it.]
16. go longboarding

craig and i came up with a summer bucket list to maxamize the sunshine and fun we experience over the next couple months. little squirt is excited to come along on all our adventures, from here on out!

we're so excited.

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  1. So I read a bunch of these posts when I was in CO and didn't have time to comment. But I love all of them and will proceed to let you know that.

    I love your bucket list. I made a 24 before 24 list for my birthday next month, so it's kind of a summer bucket list. But only because I have a summer birthday.

    I really want to go to the Tillamook Cheese Factory. Like, really. And the Newport aquarium. I'm thinking that's what I'll make Josh do for my birthday.

    And it makes me sad that your Monday is a Tuesday and that you have to work late, because at the Wilsonville Theater, tickets are $5 on Tuesdays. And I would go with you. Obviously.


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