Monday, July 11, 2011

slurpee vs froyo

this was one of my favorite weekends in a long time. it went on forrrever, we had movies and lots of good talks and plenty of snuggles. craig was very supportive of my hair endeavors and he keeps telling me how good my new cut looks [he says it's his favorite no matter what length my hair is at, this may make him a liar but he's sure a sweet one].

on monday we went and got sushi [i promise i ate mostly rice and wasabi and potstickers...]

we went to a movie

we longboarded like champions [craig did, i was in a dress and tights, so i longboarded like a girl]

we learned a new game at FHE [i was scum twice. don't ask.]

we went to get free slurpees since the date is 7/11, and that's SUPPOSED to mean free slurpees at 7/11, but when we got there they had a sign up that said they ran out of "free" slurpees. they weren't out of all slurpees, just the free kind. party poopers.

so instead we went out and got some frozen yogurt from peachy berry! i know most people call it froyo, and i've been trying to get with it, but for some reason that word super bugs me. anyways, craig's yogurt was a peanut buttery dream and i had lots of fruit yogurts with a bunch of berry and fresh fruit toppings, and some gummy worms... i got a little confused, i thought gummy worms were a vegetable.

then we went home, pigged out on frozen yogurt, watched some netflix instant, ate some leftover chili, and played video games. and talked about how excited we are for squirt to come see us. i'll give you a hint: we're SO excited.

squirt is the best little jelly bean ever. he doesn't make me sick and he's making me less tired lately. he makes me sooooo hungry though, all. the. time. one minute i'm stuffed, the next my stomach is eating my esophagus because it's so hungry! i've been eating lots of potatoes lately, i super crave potato skins. kinda like how some women crave dirt when they're pregnant? i dunno, but i like potatoes more than dirt i think. i've been baking potatoes almost every night and drowning them in dairy products. i do what squirt tells me to do, especially when it tastes that good.

you know what squirt wants right now? pizza. [just kidding, he wants broccoli, but we don't have broccoli. we don't have pizza either, but you can't get broccoli delivered].

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  1. Lame that 7-11 refused you free Slurpees! And I think that Peachy Berry is delicious. Yum yum yum. And of course gummy worms are a vegetable, silly.


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