Saturday, July 16, 2011

mermaid tears

i have this little crush on opi nail polish. don't tell. it's actually more than a crush, i love it. it's the only nail polish i'll buy and it's almost the only nail polish i own [there's still some mary kay colors floating around here]. it all started when my big sister drashell got me some fabulous colors for my birthday one year. and just like that is was out with wet and wild [yuck], and in with opi forever! a couple more came from my mommy, a few from me, and my little sister ahnahceleh decided she didn't like a few of hers so she gave them to me in exchange for stealing both my bottles of black. it was a fair trade, i had used the heck out of one of those blacks anyway. silly emo phases.

three of my favorites came from my mommy just before i moved. it was a special line of awesome, bright colors and she said they just looked like me. she bought me one at a time until i had my three favorite out of the five: mod-ern girl, green-wich villiage, and the "IT" color. did i mention opi gives all their nail polish awesome names? well, they do.

yesterday craig and i got up early to go to the grand opening of a fred meyer in our town [yay sales and coupons and free things and free dvd of rango!] the night before i had a dream that they had opi nail polish there and i was so excited, it's hard to find sometimes and in my dream it was one of the last places you could find them on the whole planet. which is silly. but the fabulous part is that the new fred meyer DID have opi nail polish there! and craig got me a bottle. it's gorgeous. it's called "mermaid's tears" and it's from the new pirates of the caribbean on stranger tides inspired line of colors. how sweet is that?

i still haven't forgiven myself for not getting a hold of the alice and wonderland opi line while it was around. my heart aches when i think i could've owned "mad as a hatter," or "off with her red." getting a pirates color on sale though almost makes up for it. almost.

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  1. i am just like you, LOVE OPI and it is the only nail polish i will buy! and best part is i totally just got the mermaid tears color and i love it!


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