Monday, May 2, 2011

Mealworm Villans

I finally let Craig buy Bruce some disgusting mealworms to eat. Disgusting, writhing, hideous mealworms.

WHY did we not do this sooner? I'm insane.

He sniffs them out, hunts them down, and snatches them up like lightning! One instant they're wriggling on the ground, the next they're already being crunched to bits and swallowed. It's incredible!

It took a few minutes the first day for him to realize that they were food. We had to leave him in his cage alone with them without any toys or distractions. He eventually curled up pitifully in a corner, lonely and missing his blanket, wondering why we were so crazy and mean all the sudden. But we couldn't give in, this was for his own good! We wandered away briefly until we heard crunching sounds that made us rush up and clap and jump around and CHEER like new parents with a baby taking it's first steps.

Seriously. We're like, hedgehog parents.

"Bruce, eat your mealworms!" Yep.

I love them so much my brain could explode.


  1. I can't believe you have a hedgehog, this might make you coolest person I have ever e-met in my life!

  2. HA he definitely makes people want to be friends with me a lot more, he boosts my cool status considerably =]

  3. And I'm pleased to e-meet you!

  4. Okay, the mealworms might just be too much for me. Hedgehog—super cool. Mealworms—not so much. More power to you, Shilah.


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