Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Today Treasures

At work I sit at a desk all day and work with my hands non-stop. I handle teeny, tiny metal parts and countless gages. Half the time my hands are under a microscope, which makes me look at them WAY too much. And that makes me haaaaate them. I get sick of the sight of them. The gross, magnified, flaky sight of them. Except for today. Today I couldn't stop looking down at them and smiling. And here's why:

I wanted to share my special rings with you! I realized on our Easter trip when I had to show my wedding ring to three of my sisters that it's almost never been photographed. What kind of newly wed am I?? Anyway, here's the gist on my pretty little distracting rings today.

My Engagement Ring: Since this one was a surprise I'm not sure of the exact date that Craig went out and found this gem, but I think it was about three months after we met. He ask my parent's permission and asked me to marry him during our fifth month of dating, and besides being besides myself with joy, I was SO proud of him for finding this ring! I loved it. It was completely my style. I had no idea before I saw it what I even wanted in a ring, but this was it exactly. He found it all by himself and got such a good deal on it. Here's where you see how cheap and thrifty I am down to my very core, some women brag about how expensive their wedding rings are, I brag about how cheap mine was! It was originally $250 and it was on sale for $175. This is silly but it's kinda my favorite part: it wasn't one of the wedding or engagement rings, it was an "I adore you" ring. How cute is that?

My Wedding Ring: This ring is so precious to me. It was a gift from Craig's mom, Cori. It originally belonged to his grandma Nana. Cori offered it to us when I very first came down to Oregon with Craig to meet his family [and I was scared out of my mind] and it gave me hope that they liked me enough to hope I was sticking around! Craig putting it on my finger when we got married was one of my favorite parts of that special day. I love how perfect it looks next to my engagement ring from Craig. They came from different times and places and to me they look like they were made for each other.

My Grandma's Garnet Ring: This ring was my Grandma Cordilla's. I'm going to be honest, I'm not positive these are garnets, they could be really dark rubies. But I want them to be garnets because that's my birthstone. My Grandma was SO into birthstones, she's the one who told me about birthstones and garnets and all those things so I always think of her when I work with gemstones. Rubies were her birthstone I think, so that would work too =] This ring is so TALL, it has almost a thousand tiers. I think it's so  pretty and I've worn it for two days straight. I'll have to lay off though, I have nightmares periodically of all the stones falling out of my rings and this one seems old enough for it to become a reality. I want to take it in and get it cleaned and fastened so that it's safe and pretty forever.

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  1. Firstly, your rings are beautiful. Secondly, I'll tell you a quick story. Last summer when Josh and I were engaged I was at work and heard something drop. When I looked down, I saw a small sparkly stone on my desk, and my heart stopped because I thought that my ring was falling apart. I triple-checked my ring and saw that all the stones were intact and then realized that one of the plastic stones from my bracelet had fallen out. Phew. I can completely relate to the fear of rings falling apart. Also, I'm paranoid about flushing my ring down the toilet by accident.


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