Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Exercising Hedgehog Caught on Tape

There are several reasons why you should be amazed right now. One is that Bruce NEVER runs on his wheel during the day. Another is that Bruce NEVER runs on his wheel in front of people. After I bathed him I got distracted and didn't put his snuggly bed sack in right away, and I think he just got bored. And didn't know I was there. And then THIS happened! And I was able to capture it, very poorly, on camera for all of you to watch over and over and over. Because, even from a distance and totally blurry, this little guy is adorable when he exercises. And that's more than many people can say.

Wow. That was brief. Geez Bruce, be cooler or something. Sorry for the intense hype, everyone. Or am I? 

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