Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Post

I wanted to do a quick post about our weekend, since that's always the coolest part of our lives and this last one was awesome. It started with a Sunday where we got to sub for a couple of our friends and teach a class for the ll years olds at church. I love teaching primary, it's my favorite thing to do. I love kids so much more than I like people.

On Monday we got up brand spankin' early [I know, that doesn't make sense] and went to the park to play tennis! AHH! We bought Craig a racket on Thursday and we finally are getting our game on. I LOVE tennis, I played it as a sophomore. I sucked at it. I was bottom doubles. My doubles partner got better and moved up. I didn't. Ever. But I actually did better today than last time I played! The last time being five ish years ago. I remembered everything really well and I somehow got better at it all these years of not playing. Of course I didn't win a single set, by hey, is that really the goal? Yeah, it is. We played for about two hours and called it quits before we finished the match. But don't worry, we thought you had to reach four sets to win the match [a set is the first to win six games by at least two, a game is getting four points first but you still need to be two ahead to win]. You only need to get to 2 sets to win. Thank goodness. Cause if I had been scoring any of the points too we would have been playing forever.

We went to the store after that because we were feeling all healthy and we got some healthy food for once. I was still in my ridiculously short tennis shorts so I felt pretty inappropriate. But don't worry, I wasn't tempting anyone. On our way out a nice old man selling flowers said hi to us and then went "Girl, you gotta get some sun on those legs!" We laughed so hard. I told him I was trying! When we caught our breath Craig told me I was pretty pasty. Yeah. They're that bad.

Our healthy meal of the day [or something] was some delicious garlic humus and flat bread. I feel authentic. I don't know what that means. Craig convinced me to get a slurpie too, I said no at first, I really did, but they have only a few calories and they littlest one is so cute! We watched Scrubs for a couple hours, ate on the floor with our hands, and I kind of felt like a cool kid.

Later in the evening we had our bi-weekly FHE young adult group fun meeting thing with some of our friends. We usually take turns hosting it at our homes but this week we all went out to Fuddruckers. Craig and I helped come up with the idea a little and there were definitely ulterior motives. I needed Fuddruckers. What can I say. The company was great, but that BBQ Chicken Salad....oh man. Don't count my calories for me today. I know what I'm doing. I play tennis.

And of course, what's a weekend without at least one instagram photo? Not my weekend, fo sho.

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