Saturday, May 28, 2011

Happy, Happy Day

When I got home from work on the 19th and sat down to enjoy all my beautiful blog subscriptions I had the very best surprise waiting for me at <3 elycia's lovely blog. It was a fabulous surprise. Stupendous surprise. Seriously, it was so great. Go look. Just go look. Click on the link to her blog and just have a look.

Am I right? Am I right?

[photo credit: elycia]

I cannot accurately convey to you how much I wanted to win this giveaway. SO MUCH is going to have to do. Isn't that necklace just the best ever? I knew I had to have it one way or another. Look at that gun charm! You must know how guns have affected my life lately. This necklace, made by the hands of the very talented Cristie of City Bird's, was one of those things for me where you just think "I'd like to have that....I'd love to have that....I NEED to have that....I want to win that....I'll have to buy that....I shouldn't steal way or another, that SHALL BE MINE!" That doesn't happen to me too terribly often you know, and I take it serious when it does. 

It makes me so excited that I actually WON this pretty little thing. I don't think I've won anything before. 3rd place in my first DECA Marketing Management region competition once, but that's not really winning, not in the Charlie Sheen sense. I won "best effort" in a lot of things that I wasn't good at [I know what best effort means, it means you didn't succeed really but you sure tried hard, so that's not really winning]. Craig's won lots of things, like movies and video games and t-shirts, so I've just been coasting off his mad skills and glory. But no more! I am a giveaway winner now! And it feels great.

Elycia's blog is really one of my favorites, if you haven't seen it yet go check it out. It's so visually appealing and I'm so into all the things she blogs about. And she's about to get married too! Who doesn't love that? I can't wait to read all about it, she's such a lovely person and I was SO flattered that she called my blog cute. Eek! I get randomly girly and excited about things like this.

I am so happy to be turned onto Cristie's world of City Bird's now, her etsy shop has some of the cutest things living in it. One of my favorites of hers was the illustration Mr. Bosworth. Another one of those things I just HAVE to own someday. She was so nice to me in our few emails back and forth and I am so glad to have connected with TWO wonderful ladies in this wonderful giveaway. I got the necklace in the mail today and it is just every bit as darling as we all hoped. She wrapped it all cute and wrote a sweet note. I feel like blog world must just be one of the best places ever. I'm so glad to be slowly becoming involved with it and the sweet people that can be found.

It's a new favorite =] 

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