Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cupcake obsession...

I've been a little obsessed with cupcakes lately. This makes me just like, oh, everyone else right now. But I'm late to the scene so I'm totally still allowed to be excited. Someone jump off the cupcake bandwagon already and make some room for me. You've had your time.

Craig and I tried to make it to a showing of Pirates: On Stranger Tides before work today, but we were about ten minutes late. So we hung around Bridgeport for a while. I love Bridgeport, it's one of my most favorite places. It's like an outdoor mall with all my most favorite stores near by plus our favorite movie theater [it has the MOST comfortable seats]. We usually hit up some gelato or go to Borders or Whole Foods. Today we opted for some cupcakes. Sweet, delicious, expensive cupcakes.

I told Craig to look excited:

Craig got a Turtle Chocolate and I got Red Velvet and Cream Cheese. I made mine last for an eternity. It was heaven.

I suck at dieting.

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