Saturday, May 14, 2011

Easier than it looks?

I have to share something with you. I just have to. I am excited about it in insane amounts and someone has to know about it before it disappears. It's impressive, I promise.

Last Tuesday Craig and I bought a scale. Not the kind used to weigh vegetables. The kind that weighs people. Specifically us. It's the first time I've had access to a scale since I was 17. Surprise, I weigh a lot more now than I weighed then.

129 lbs.

Now,  just to clarify, I know that's not a bad weight in general. In my mother's words: "I'd love to see 130 lbs again." I'm not dissing the buck-thirty, it probably looks GREAT on all of you. But I am short. Very short. Ridiculously short. Short enough that any extra weight is very obvious, it has no where to go, it can't be evenly distributed. It just kinda piles up in mountains until I become very round and my silhouette is the same thickness from my shoulders to my knees. I don't have a waist people. The bottom of my ribs are much less than an inch away from the top of my hips. There is no where for 130 pounds to go that'll be flattering.

I've been feeling gross for a while now, my jean selection has dwindled due to my increasing "muffin top." But I didn't know how much overweight I actually was [partially because I didn't know how much a weighed at all]. Then right around when we got the scale I saw this website while reading this post on the blog pencil box. Based on my height and body frame size it told me my ideal weight was between 102 and 112 lbs. And that I was at least 16 lbs overweight. Gasp. Yikes. Ouch...

So now there were all these little hints poking at me, making me feel like I needed to change something. I don't exercise, I never have, but I know I should. I finally started treadmill it up off and on the last couple months but I wasn't a big fan. If fitness centers weren't more than I wanted to spend on a membership I'd be swimming all the time, but that was only making me tell myself I WOULD be exercising, I just can't. Every day I've been feeling thick, heavy, and just gross in my clothes. Half my closet is off limits and it's hard to feel cute when your muffin top can't be hidden by your husband's biggest shirts [it probably can be, I just...KNOW it's there!!] But I think the real clincher was when we got that scale and I weight the same as I did after almost 3 months of being pregnant. I want another baby more than anything, and I want one soon. And I really want my body to be as healthy as it can be this time around. So, here we go.

So, Tuesday, I weighed 128.8 to be exact. And I started doing this regularly:

It's my favorite. I've never done yoga before and I feel like this is NOT beginners yoga, but once I finally figured out enough to keep up I felt AWESOME. I don't even feel like I'm working out or wearing myself out at all until the end when I've sweated a gallon and I don't even feel tired. Yoga makes you sweaty? I know right. I think it's just what I need right now. [I picked up a pregnancy yoga at the same time...if you think pregnant that makes you pregnant, right?]

On Friday [Thursday night?] I started dieting. Ha. Ha ha ha. I've never done such a thing before! But I've just been eating way too gross lately and way too much of it, I needed to chill the heck out. For all of Friday I wasn't sure what exactly my diet was, so I just said no to everything delicious. There was an unusual amount of temptations. My co-workers laughed at me.

But that night I got a free app for my iPhone that counts my calories, and it was like a revelation. I type in what I ate or what I want to eat, it tells me how many calories it is. AND it keeps track of ALL the other nutrition I get during the day AND tells me what I need more/less of. AND I can put in recipes and serving sizes and it'll generate the calories. AND I can tell it how much I exercised and how much water I drank and it'll calculate it in. AND at the end of the day it tells me how much weight I should have lost in 5 weeks if every day was like "today." Based on my age, height, weight and how much I want to lose it gave me a 1200 daily calorie count to follow. But...I think that's the general calorie count required to not die. So I think it was just like "WOAH, too bad this is as low as you could go, because if it didn't make you malnourished and dead we'd suggest 600 calories." That's probably exactly what it was thinking. Jerks.

So I've been eating way better and not as much of anything. And of course I'm gravitating toward things with less calories so I can have more of them and they end up being more healthy, like apples and green peppers. I'm FINALLY not as much of a crazy bread fiend just because it's a lot of calories so I wouldn't be able to have very much before I reach my limit. I was super crabby for the first few days because all my candy and soda and bread had disappeared and my body was like WHAAAAAAAAAAAT! But something very exciting kept me motivated:

On Saturday I weighted 125.2. That is suddenly less than the 128.8 I weighed on Saturday. It was WORKING ALREADY. Thank you awkward yoga films! THANK YOU! Craig is also keeping me motivated, he has the same app on his android phone and although his calorie count is twice as much as mine we end up finding and eating the same healthy things together. It's cute. Awwww.

Over the weekend I went WAY over my calories on mother's day [I earned it! Or something....] So Monday/Tuesday came back around and I was at 125.4, so not really any change. But on Thursday I was 123.0 exactly. That's almost six pounds already. And I feel like I've put almost no effort into it, which is definitely helping me keep going. I'm thinking it's going to plateau somewhere around 120 and I'll really have to work to lose the last ten pounds. That's my goal, 110. I remember feeling my best as a teen at 110. So far I don't think I look much different. My face seems quite a bit slimmer and Craig said my tummy pouch has gone down but I still have walloping love handles. But in a celebration, I hid them with one of Craig's shirts and wore skinny jeans today. I'm a classy lady.


  1. HAHAHA i LOVE you! almost EVERYTHING in this update, i have done.

  2. The invisible tubes strike again!!

  3. i LOVE crazy bread. and french bread, and sourdough bread, and toasted bread, and wheat bread, and double fiber bread, and potato bread, and buttermilk bread...

    i love bread of all kinds.


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