Sunday, May 22, 2011

McMenamins = Delicious

Today we had dinner at McMenamins with Craig's family. They LOVE McMenamins. LOVE. They talk about it all the time. And they should, it's freaking delicious. They have the best tots. Craig finally took me there just to get tots a couple weekends ago. But this time I got some meal with my tots. Everyones food looked awesome but I can't remember what anyone got. Except for me. I got tuna. Tuuuuunaaaaaa.

I seriously never have tuna, not since meeting Craig. I get tuna in teeny tiny proportions when we go to sushi and I devour tuna rolls, and that is what keeps me alive. Craig hates, he even hates the smell, it makes him sick. He's offered to buy me some before but I know if it was in the house he's throw up and refuse to kiss my tuna-lips. But today I went for it. Tuna salad sammich please! I asked if he'd still kiss me first, just in case. I don't think I grossed him out too much with my happy whimpering of delight with every bite [awkward] but when I brought half of it home he did ask me to hurry up and finish it. Because it stunk.

Everyone was wearing cool shoes, so while they moved around quoting their favorite comedy sketches [they are a riot, people] I took grey and blurry pictures.

Craig's shoes 
 Catie's shoes 
 Chris' shoes
 Dad's shoes
 Mom's shoes
 Cameron's shoes

Shilah's shoes

Now, match up the shoe to the person. It's a fun game. You'll like it.

Craig was sweet and took a couple pictures of my outfit. I always feel bad/awkward asking him. I've been dressing super cute lately though, and you're just going to have to take my word for it.

Sweet, sweet tuna. Until we meet again.

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