Friday, May 13, 2011

New little friend

I don't know how much I want to talk about mother's day. It's either not at all or a whole TON, I may or may not have had some serious epiphanies and, less important, some thoughts and realizations about blogging. I don't know how worth sharing they are or if it's just something I'll be able to remember on my own and hold myself to. Probably not. So there may be some rambling posts coming up. But not right this second. Right now I just want you to see what my dear friend Alys and her kids gave to me on Sunday. This is Little Bruce [I'd name him after Robbin but the version of Robbin I prefer has the awkward real name of Dick, so we'll see...] He's the cutest, most comforting little hedgehog finger puppet in all the land and he brightened my mother's day so much. Well, and my entire week, but that just makes me sound desperate.

Alys said her kids just HAD to get him for me. They found him in Seattle, probably while doing MUCH cooler things than thinking about me. They've been over to play with Bruce a couple times, which I hope is an experience that no child could forget, but it was still so surprising to me that they would not only think of me but insist I had him. I'm so glad they did, they were so sweet, I wanted to hug them all to bits but only the youngest let me.

Sometimes I feel like I should start apologizing for the insane amount of iPhone apps and pics that will now be overpowering this blog. Buuuuuut...I'm going to play the age card and tell myself I'm "just" 19, I have plenty of time left before I have to include some real quality photos in documenting my life and forcing other people to look at it. And by then I'll hopefully have a thousand children so then the only pictures I'll have time for will be iPhone pictures. See, I got it all planned out. We're golden.

I know, I should make my bed. No one wants to see that unmade bed. I gotcha.

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