Friday, May 13, 2011

Our weekend...3 years ago. Ish.

Merlin! Your supposed to help me blog MORE, not force me to blog LESS! [Merlin is my iPhone's name. I trust him to keep me organized and connected. Sometimes he lets me down by making me giddy and distracted. He's like a new toy and I'm like, 5 years old.]

I'm blaming my phone for me not posting about my weekend in a timely manner. My weekend is usually the highlight of my life, it's usually the time everything awesome happens. But now it's been so long since it happened [it's Friday now!] that I don't remember most of it. So here's some bits and pieces. It's all the world wanted anyway.

Just before our weekend started we took Bruce in to Petsmart to get his nails clipped. This is always a terrible ordeal. The first/last time we took him in I had already tried for a while to get Bruce to let me clip his nails myself but he would never have it. I KNOW he's only 2 centimeters tall, but have you seen those spikes? They're vicious. So I decided to let a professional handle it. And she was QUITE the professional too, we kept hearing how Miss Petsmart Nailsclipper had "owned 8 hedgehogs" she was just so great, she's "owned 8 hedgehogs." I thought that didn't exactly seem comforting or impressive, my initial assumption is she kills them all so quickly she needs to replace them often. But that is a TERRIBLE assumption, sorry lady. But I'm not that sorry.

After twenty minutes she came out with a writhing Bruce trapped in a towel glaring at me furiously. Her hand was bleeding. I mean BLEEDING. Well maybe not BLEEDING, but definitely bleedING.

"He BIT me," she informed me. I was like, great! So we're not the only ones. I told her he does that when we try to clip his nails, it's probably because he obviously doesn't want anyone to clip them [but people, he's never made us BLEED, he's never broken skin! He nibbles warningly. But this lady, he must not have liked her one bit. She smelled of 8 sad and lonely hedgehogs.]

"No," she says. "Hedgehogs," pause for dramatic effect, "don't bite."

Despite what she thought, Bruce did not cease to be a hedgehog that day. She only had one hand clipped at this point so she gave him sleeping gas [yes, Bruce has to be HIGH to get his nails clipped], and finished the job. Needless to say we didn't want to go back there again. But when we tried the only other vet around who claimed to know how to clip hedgehog nails we were even more horrified. I actually scooped Bruce up and ran after they pulled out these garden shears and then tried to pry his little scared, curled up body open with huge leather gloves. My Bruce has a SPINE [I think?], and I do NOT want it broken in half. These people act like they've never seen a hedgehog before.

Ever since I've been trying to do it myself occasionally, whenever I can sneak up on him, and we put some sandpaper in there for him to scratch which has been working great. But there comes a time when it just needs to be done right. So we went back to Petsmart this weekend, and they actually took good care of him. Anti-climatic, I know. The evil hedgehog hogging lady wasn't there so I told the darling receptionist that he was going to NEED to be sedated. She brought him out 8 minutes later, fully clipped and set to go, and told me how funny he was when he tried to be angry while totally high. HA! It wasn't all peaches or butterflies though, he was still so mad he manged to pee all over my jeans while he was INSIDE his carrier.

The other highlight of my weekend was getting some bubble tea from our favorite bubble tea place. We may not be going back for a while though, because on this last trip they sold us the rest of ALL the ingredients we need to make our own. The search for the closest, least inexpensive, most delicious bubble tea is over. I found it. It's in my cupboard at home. Happy day. In fact, I need to get going and make some taro and lychee before work. Just a few more things, folks.

I made this delicious treat of peanut butter bars for a young adult FHE we got to host at our house this Monday with some of my favorite new friends. This is seriously the first thing I've baked from scratch since I left home, and I MISSED it. This recipe was made famous by my mother and no matter who we give it to they always come back for ours. Only females in my family can make it as heavenly as it can be [there's no secret people, you just have to use real butter and Adam's peanut butter. Oh and stir it in a secret way only I know. MUAHAHA.] I'll post the recipe sometime. Maybe next week, I want to make it to bring to work. We took a couple leftovers to work with us the next day and a few choice people got to partake, but then I was like hey! Everyone loves these things. So I'll try it again. I should anyway, I've made about 10000 batches of these things, enough to have the potential quality of the end result categorized. This batch was about a grade C, darn good for those who have never tried it before, but not quite as delicious as they could be. The dough was a bit dark and the icing was a bit runny.

I wore these babies this weekend [bridesmaids gift from my friend Britney, I put them away for winter but it's time to break them back out again. Bam.]
I have a toy camera app that turned this picture blue, I don't actually have matching blue tights and boots.

Alright alright alright. I'm done now.


  1. your shoes look soo good. OH HI...I stalk your blog


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